Friday, 8 February 2013

Reading physics papers on a kobo ebook reader

So I am on mission to do a way with paper copies of physics papers. Every day there are papers published on the Cornell archive site, but what is the best way to organise and read the papers?

Well my colleague in the next office to me came into my office to show me his new ebook reader. He had purchased a  kobo ebook 7 inch ebook reader, so that he could read physics papers.

You can see from the picture that the paper looks OK on this ereader. When I originally played with papers on my kindle, the plots looked like crap (see also). The reader below is high definition, so the graphs look OK on it. So high definition is the way to go.

There was a web browser on the device which he used to download the papers in pdf format.
The text looked a bit small, but it was readable. The next issue is how easy it is to organize the papers on the ereader. Does it allow tage? Can you annotate the papers? This is possible with books in ebook format.

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