Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Is there a better way to organize physics papers?

Part of doing physics research involves reading scientific papers. Typically the papers are printed out  to read later. Sometime if I am working on a specific project I will have a bunch of papers. After a while I end up with a big pile of papers in my office and in my flat. I do sometimes file things away. Many papers are printed off multiple times, because I can't always find the paper I need to read.

The most "famous" place with big piles of papers was John Ellis's office in CERN.

I have taken a number of papers with me to conferences for reference. But a big collection of papers is heavy and it is not so easy to read them on a plane.

There are some very good tools to collect papers online. For example I use citeulike.

I can't help feeling that both me and John Ellis need to be able to read and organize physics papers on a tablet or on the kindle. In later posts I will see what can be done with today's tablets.

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