Sunday, 19 August 2012

Introducing HTML 5

I keep see references to HTML 5, so I thought I should at least know more about it, so I got a copy of introducing HTML 5 by Bruce Lawson and  Remy Sharp.

Like most people I know a little HTML, but I had not followed the new developments. There was something called xhtml that was some bastard hybrid of xml and html. Yeah I know xml and html are both mark up languages. One of the good things about html was that it was so forgiving of bad markup.  Now I mostly use google sites or this blogging site, I hardly ever write pure html, but I use the GUI.

The new HTML5 stuff is:

  • Better  code for forms
  • Improved video and audio support with no more plug in
  • Some database support that is an update on cookies.
  • Support for drawing and drag and drop.
  • Geolocation API

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